Food for Thought

Eternity is a really long time. Especially to live with decisions made in moments for weakness and turmoil.

So, I have this baby – sweet little thing. I love this baby dearly and have great hopes for her life. We share the joy of love, the anguish of butting heads, the bitter sweetness of letting go. I do my best to love her, teach her, guide her. I offer discipline and forgiveness in order to prepare her for life in this world.

But my responsibility for her ends when she turns eighteen. She needs to “get it” by that time because she will have to take responsibility for her own life after that.

So, when her time with me is done…if she hasn’t gotten the message, do I toss her out and say, “I’m sorry, honey, you just didn’t shape up the right way. You didn’t make the right decisions at the right times. You didn’t learn and own what I tried to teach you. As much as I regret having to do this, I am going to have to ban you from my life. After all, I gave you the opportunity all those years to get with the program, but you decided to go your own way. I’m really going to miss you. Good bye.”

Do we really believe that God gives us only 70-odd years to get with the program, to “get it right” and if we don’t, then we have all of eternity to suffer the consequences of decisions made in weakness and ignorance?

Eternity Vs. 70 years? Really?

I wouldn’t do that to my kid.

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