Grace Grapevine April 2017


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A Word from Pastor Gentile


The most important service of the year is coming. It’s obviously not Christmas, and it’s not even Easter. It’s the one buried in Holy Week, but it’s not just another day. It’s Good Friday. It’s a funeral, you say, and I am not going. It’s a coming out party for Jesus. More than any other day, more than the day of his birth, we learn who Jesus is, who God is. He is the God of the cross. He is the God, who is the king, who rules by serving all he subjects in the most profound way, by laying down his life for all of his people. This is who God is, and this is who God calls us to be. If we want to be great, we should be the servants of all. It’s not what anybody wants. It’s not what Jesus wanted. It’s not what we want, but it defines who Jesus is. And, it defines who we are. It gives Jesus’ life meaning, and it gives our lives meaning. So, let us not allow the headline to be buried. Good Friday is coming. And. It gives us much more than any new Easter dress or suit. It defines who God is, and who God calls us to be!

Happy Good Friday,
In Christ,

Pastor Chris

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