Grace Grapevine June 2016


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A Word from Pastor Gentile

We are in the Season of Pentecost! Really, an exclamation point, what is Pentecost anyway? Isn’t that the day when we hold Confirmation for those people who are ready? Yes, but Pentecost, the longest Season of the Church Year, is much more than this, even though it may be the least celebrated.

On the first day of the Season, we remember how the Holy Spirit came to the disciples, like the rush of a mighty wind, like tongues of fire on their heads, like the rumbling of an earthquake. And, people, who witnessed the event, came from all over the world; yet, each could understand anything that was said in his or her own language.

However, after all the bluster of the first day, the disciples, and we, are left alone with the Holy Spirit. As part of the Church Year, we celebrate this “Season of the Spirit”, beginning in May or June and running until the end of November, approximately. This is a long time to be left alone with the Spirit, and no Christmas or Easter to intercede.

In addition, this Season of the Church Year comes at a most inopportune time. We are champing at the bit to disperse for the summer, to vacation in places farflung. We are not thinking about the Holy Spirit; we are thinking about getting as far away from the everyday as possible!

The good news is that the Holy Spirit goes with us, to recreate us, to help us grow spiritually as we relax, and to help us to help others to do the same. It is in these times, of “being still and knowing that God is God”, that we often grow as does God’s greenery, especially this year.

So, I pray that y’all have a wonderful Pentecost, and that by the power of the Spirit “recreation” comes to you, to yours, and to the stranger, physically, emotionally, AND spiritually!

In Christ,

Pastor Chris

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