Grace Grapevine September 2016


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A Word from Pastor Gentile


We’re back to our “regular” schedules. Craziness is the order of the day. Rest and recreation already seem to be a distant memory, except for the Labor Day Weekend, which is a brief oasis in a desert of activity. How do readjust to the flurry? There is no easing our way into this new way of life. I think y’all can relate to my son’s schedule, which, within the span of a week, went from college freshman welcome activities to staying up until the wee hours of the morning, in the architecture studio, to complete a project that was assigned on the first day of classes.

Whether we want to or not, the world forces us to “hit the ground running” in the fall! It can feel overwhelming, even incapacitating. So, how do we cope? How do go from 0 to60, like the most finelytuned sports car?

Probably the wisest, yet most difficult advice to follow is to “live in the moment”. God calls us to live in the moment, to “be still and know that God is God”. God calls us to remember how God has helped us to successfully navigate all the other seemingly overwhelming periods of our pasts, and to trust God’s promise to be with us to “the end of the age”, to be with us during every minute of our always-uncertain futures.

But, how do we “live in the moment”? How do we respond to God’s call to make respite in the lives God has given us? Do we pray, meditate, craft quilts, exercise, paint, work with wood, etc. I would say “yes” to all of these options, and to any method that forces us to trust God, to believe that the world will continue to spin, especially while we take some time out in the midst of the seeming chaos that is this time of the year. But, we shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves when we fail. This approach will take practice, as God creates a new pathway in our otherwise-programmed brains.

I pray that we will commit to finding and making use of God’s oases, which God continually offers, especially during the most demanding seasons of our lives!

In Christ,

Pastor Chris

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