Who We Are


Who are we, really?

Well, our members come from diverse ethnic, economic, and faith backgrounds. Our families are blended…so much so, in fact, that sometimes WE have trouble determining who belongs to whom. We’re a fairly good mix of the blended community we call San Antonio. We range in age from infants to senior citizens, and we’re all at different places on our spiritual journey. With this much variety, you don’t have to worry about not fitting in.

How should I dress?

There is no particular dress code…we want everyone who joins us to feel comfortable. You’ll see everything from fine Sunday dress, to fine Sunday t-shirts.

Our Worship Service

Our worship service begins at 10:30am each Sunday. Our worship services include traditional as well as contemporary Lutheran liturgy and music. On a typical Sunday, we’ll follow liturgy from the Lutheran Book of Worship, blended with diverse musical offerings. We sing the traditional hymns that are part of our heritage, and weave in the contemporary songs that speak to our lives today.

When you walk through our doors, you’ll be greeted by folks that will welcome you and provide you with a worship bulletin. They’ll ask you to sign our guest book, and if it’s your first visit, we’ll ask you to fill out a purple card with contact information. This makes the Pastor very happy as it is important to us that you feel welcomed.

Children are a very important part of Grace, and have roles within the worship service. All children are invited to the children’s sermon, where they hear the Word and receive a children’s bulletin with activities related to the lesson of the day. While we encourage all children to participate in worship with their family and friends, we do offer a nursery for our younger children.

We celebrate Holy Communion every Sunday, and invite all to share in this feast with us, by sharing the bread and wine or receiving a special blessing.

Sunday School

We believe that learning and discussing scripture is an important part or our spiritual growth, no matter what your age, so we offer Sunday School classes for children and adults. Please visit our ministries page for more information about classes offered.

Join us!

Hopefully this bit of information gives you an idea of what a visit to Grace will be like…and most of all, we hope you’ve decided to visit us! Whether you’re visiting from out-of-town, or looking for a place to continue your journey, you’re welcome at Grace. God is continually blessing our congregation with new people to meet…we hope you’ll be the next!